There once was a small child.

It broke its femur bone and sat in a hospital in New Zealand for many months with nothing but a tape player and a microphone. It sung and sung until the nurses took it out into the hallways to sing to more people. As it grew it kept singing, to more and more people.

It went to London and continued singing to anyone that’d listen. It went around the world singing to anyone. It did its best to make people feel something. It released several EP’s, ‘Ny Oh’ (2014), ‘Lovely and Honest’ (2016), ‘Georgia’ (2018). It toured all over the EU. It opened for Jonathan Wilson (USA) on his tour. It even played in his band (for it loved to harmonise with anything that makes sounds).

Ny Oh isn’t a small child anymore, its bones turned into music and now it’s invisible. Ny Oh is that feeling you get when you close your eyes and you’re swirling around inside a kaleidoscope made up of all the colours you’ve felt.

Christmas time (2018), it dropped its latest EP 'Without'.

Pictures on this website are by Katie O'Neill, Esmie Widlake and Nigel